Cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshop

Exclusive to Enjoy-Bratislava

from 43€/person
1h30 - 2h30 min. 3 people At your accommodation

Activity Description

Let’s be honest… a stag party is all about drinking. Drinking beer, drinking shots, drinking cocktails… even water on Sunday morning. But did you deserve it ? With our Bratislava cocktail class, drink and learn about drinking at the same time. It is the most original way to start your afternoon/evening out. The workshop is organized at your accommodation where the bartender will bring everything needed: drinks, bar tools, glasses, fruits and ice. During 1h30 (to 2h30 for large groups), you will be learning the history and making of approx. 20 cocktails including bartender tips and tricks. The bachelor will have a special treatment with more tasks and cocktails to make / drink. After the class, we can make a reservation for you at the hidden Old Fashioned bar where they supposedly serve the best cocktails in Bratislava (after you!).

Important information

– The Cocktail workshop is usually organized at your accommodation. An Airbnb/apartment is strongly recommended. If you are staying at a hotel/hostel, we’ll provide an alternative venue. – 2 bartenders will take care of groups bigger than 11 persons. – The maximum number of persons for this activity is 18.

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June 2023
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Our Pricing Guide

Displayed prices are calculated per person for a group of 12 people. Prices may vary depending on group size.

Cocktail workshop
  • 20 to 30 cocktails to make and drink
  • 1h30 to 2h30 workshop
  • History, making, bartender tip and tricks
  • Drinks and material included
  • Classy bartender speaking English
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