110m chimney jump

Industrial chimney jump

from 80€/person
2h30-3h min. 8 people transfers included

Activity Description

We already had a jumping activity in Bratislava but the chimney experience is NEXT LEVEL! Everything is scary: the height itself (110m - higher than Big Ben or twice the statue of Liberty in NY), the crumbling chimney constructed by the communists and the abandoned industrial surroundings. By all means, this activity is reserved to the most courageous groups. The 110 meter-high tower allows a free fall experience of 3,8 seconds. The landing is mellow compared to the classic bungie jumping thanks to a pendulum mechanism. To make you feel more confident, you will be jumping in tandem with one of your mates, 2 by 2, arms in arms. Solo jumps (for the bachelor for example) will be charged extra. A minimum number of 4 tandem jumps (8 people) is required to book this activity. Sorry, we can't cater this activity to individuals and small groups. Getting cold feet once onsite does not entitle you to a refund.

Don't forget

Bottle of water Clothes depending on the season


Maximum weight : 120kg/person. Minimum number of people is 8. Tandem jumps (2 friends).

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Displayed prices are calculated per person for a group of 12 people. Prices may vary depending on group size.

Chimney jump
  • Briefing with your instructor
  • Tandem jumps (2 by 2)
  • Slovak guide speaking English
  • Private transport by minibus from your accommodation
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