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As a travel agency, we contracted preferential rates with some restaurants in Bratislava. We carefully select venues with quality food and avoid tourist traps. Apart from saving money, you will be saving time as meals are pre-booked and staff will be waiting for you. This is an important bonus for large groups because waiting time can be extremely long in Slovakia (2+ hours for groups larger than 15). Wanna spice up your lunch or dinner time during your trip in Bratislava? Choose between fancy, fun and traditional in three different restaurants we tried for you. You will certainly experience a memorable time at these carefully selected unusual venues. If you wish to organize a specific event, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hard rock terrace&sport

-33% on orders! Group size: any. Located right in the city center, the restaurant has a huge terrace overlooking the pedestrian Michalska street which makes it the perfect lookout spot. If you don't want to miss a sport game, the venue has huge TVs. Topless dancers on Friday&Saturday nights. The menu is modern with mostly steaks & burgers. Prices are in the high end but our clients get a 33% discount on the menu package. Steak menu: 27€/person

  • Rib-eye steak
  • Fries
  • 2 beers
Burger menu: 20€/person
  • Any burger
  • Fries
  • 2 beers
Ribs menu: 23€/person
  • Ribs
  • Fries
  • 2 beers

Traditional Slovak food

Group size: any. Usually recommended at the start of the pub crawl with your guide, we put together a traditional dinner at the Prazdroj restaurant, in the heart of the city. The venue is nicely decorated with copper Pilsen kettles. Avoid tourist traps and long waiting times (the larger group the longer wait if you don’t reserve menus in advance) and spend more time enjoying the city’s bars! 1 course lunch or dinner: 17€/person

  • Duck breast + pork fillet mignon + Pork ribs 210g/p. 3 types of meat served on separate plates.
  • Pirohy with Bryndza (traditional dumplings with cheese) 50g/p. Served on common plates.
  • Roasted potatoes 100g/p. Served on common plates.
  • Fancy UFO Tower

    Group size: 10+ persons. "Flying” above Bratislava, the UFO tower has been built by communists in 1972 as an observation deck and a restaurant for the people. Nowadays, the UFO Watch.taste.groove restaurant is a fancy bar and wannabe Michelin restaurant with the best view on the city. As a travel agency, we have special rates for groups larger than 9 persons. 3 course lunch + observation deck entry: 49€/person · Lemongrass velouté · Brook trout, cauliflower espuma, egg barley, dehydrated egg yolk · Smooth chocolate tart, vanilla cream, homemade raspberry sorbet or · Tom kha goong, prawn gyoza · Mangalica, bao dumpling, curly cale · Smooth chocolate tart, vanilla cream, homemade raspberry sorbet

    Our Pricing Guide

    Displayed prices are calculated per person for a group of 12 people. Prices may vary depending on group size.

    Hard rock terrace & sport
    • Burgers: 20€
    • Rib-Eye steak: 23€
    • Fries included
    • 2 beers included
    • Traditional menu in the city center of Bratislava
    Fancy UFO
    • Observation deck entry
    • 3-course lunch: 49€
    • 3-course dinner: 79€
    • 4-course dinner: 85€
    • 5-course dinner: 92€

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our teambuilding evening... The game was fun and very well prepared, we enjoyed the food as well. Would definitely recommend this as a fun group activity where you can enjoy taking on a role of another character"

    Jana, TripAdvisor, December 2018

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