Tattooed by a stripper


Exclusive to Enjoy-Bratislava

from 3€/person
10 minutes Unique

Activity Description

One of our strippers happens to own a beauty salon and we saw an ingenious opportunity. As she entertains your bachelor party, she'll simultaneously tattoo a temporary masterpiece onto his body – all in the location of your choosing (or his, if you're feeling charitable). But wait, there's more! You have the exciting opportunity to select the design beforehand, with a selection of spicy designs specially curated for your stag's amusement. Now, here's the kicker – the tattoo is temporary, but shh, that can be our little secret! The paint we use is non-toxic and completely safe for the skin, meeting stringent CE, FDA standards, and boasting its own EN71 certificate. Plus, with the use of airbrush spray guns, the process is entirely painless. Once applied, the tattoo color lasts for a striking 5-7 days, ensuring your bachelor carries the memories of his epic stag party wherever he goes. Composition of airbrush tattoo paint: Shellac, Alcohol, Castrol, pigment, Ethyl cellulose Believe it or not, after googling it, we're proud to announce that we're the sole company worldwide offering this extraordinary activity!

Important information

This activity is as an addition to a pre-booked strip dance and is subject to availability.

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February 2024
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Our Pricing Guide

Small tattoo
  • 1 tattoo for the bachelor
  • Small tattoo design
  • In complement to a strip dance
Large tattoo
  • 1 tattoo for the bachelor
  • Large tattoo design
  • In complement to a strip dance
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