Car demolition

Car demolition

from 59€/person
duration: 2h30 min. 5 people transfers included

Activity Description

Your bachelor is a bit worried about his upcoming wedding? We have the best anti-stress gift ever: he will be presented with a used car, a huge hammer and a tank. Disclaimer: The whole scenario will be filmed on GoPro.

Step 1: Hammer tryouts
The goal is to destroy the car as much as possible with the hammer. Of course, the whole group will be able to try it out afterwards. First-person cameras will be used to record the action.
Step 2: Tank driving
The group will enter a Saurer tank and a professional instructor will drive it through the urban jungle around an old factory. The instructor will gladly answer all your questions about the tank. Total time in the tank: 30 minutes.
Step 3: Car crushing
The group will destroy the car completely by riding over it with the Saurer tank! Two rides should flatten it completely. As a lower budget option, this step is removed in the “Stress killer Lite” package.

After this activity, discover the WWII history of Bratislava by visiting one of its remaining bunkers. Built upon the plans of the French Maginot line, Hitler himself was afraid to cross it. Unfortunately, he never had to… we’ll tell you why during the visit! (cliffhanger…).

Don't forget

Dirty/sport clothes

Our tip

Extend your bachelor party experience by shooting weapons or playing airsoft with the help of the tank.

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Stress killer
  • Car demolition with hammers
  • 20 minute OT64 transporter ride (3,6km)
  • 1 beer per person
  • Slovak guide speaking English
  • Private transport by minibus from your accommodation
Car demolition
  • Car demolition with hammers
  • 20 minute tank ride (3,6km)
  • Car demolition while riding the tank
  • Photo-shoot with weapons and tanks
  • 1 beer per person
  • Slovak guide speaking English
  • Private transport by minibus from your accommodation





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