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Wanna spice up your lunch or dinner time during your trip in Bratislava? Choose between fancy, fun and traditional in three different restaurants we tried for you. You will certainly experience a memorable time at these carefully selected unusual venues. If you wish to organize a specific event, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eat & Play: Crime dinner

Group size: 7 to 12 persons. Duration: 2 to 3 hours. Lunch or dine while playing a thrilling role-play game with your friends. A crime has taken place and everybody’s role is to investigate it. Each player gets to play a character from the story and receives an artefact to wear (hat, tie, wig for playing women characters, etc…). The game has a scenario and your goal is to ask questions, interrogate others, and find out first who is the murderer based on evidence. At the same time, you have to avoid becoming the primary suspect by using your creativity, logical conclusions, as well as your communication skills. 3 course lunch or dinner + game: 34€/person

  • Grilled goat cheese on marinated beet with balsamic reduction and caramelized walnuts.
  • Standard main Dish: Marinated pork tenderloin medallions served on potato gnocchi with forest mushrooms and herbs
  • Vegetarian main Dish: Leaf salad with grilled green asparagus, quail’s egg, cherry tomatoes, avocado and honey-mustard dressing, toasted baguette
  • Imperial pancake with blueberry jam and home-made whipped cream

Traditional Slovak food

Group size: any. Usually recommended at the start of the pub crawl with your guide, we put together a traditional dinner at the Prazdroj restaurant, in the heart of the city. The venue is nicely decorated with copper Pilsen kettles. Avoid tourist traps and long waiting times (the larger group the longer wait if you don’t reserve menus in advance) and spend more time enjoying the city’s bars! 1 course lunch or dinner: 15€/person

  • Duck breast + pork fillet mignon + Pork ribs 210g/p. 3 types of meat served on separate plates.
  • Pirohy with Bryndza (traditional dumplings with cheese) 50g/p. Served on common plates.
  • Roasted potatoes 100g/p. Served on common plates.
  • Fancy UFO Tower

    "Flying” above Bratislava, the UFO tower has been built by communists in 1972 as an observation deck and a restaurant for the people. Nowadays, the UFO Watch.taste.groove restaurant is a fancy bar and wannabe Michelin restaurant with the best view on the city. As a travel agency, we have special rates for groups larger than 9 persons. 3 course lunch + observation deck entry: 41€/person · Tomato and coconut soup, rice noodles · Grilled brook trout, creamy barley risotto, baby spinach, wine and butter sauce · Smooth chocolate tart with white rum, raspberry gel, vanilla ice cream 3 course lunch + observation deck entry: 41€/person · Coconut Tom yum, shitake, coriander, soybean sprout · Beef stroganoff, roasted buttered potato dumplings · Mango cheesecake, almond biscuits, cured kumquat, raspberry coulis 3 course dinner + observation deck entry: 69€/person · Tomato and coconut soup, buckwheat noodles, seaweed · Beef filet /sous vide/, batata-parmesan puree, ginger-sesame chutney · Chocolate pudding with curd, mango foam, coconut sphere 4 course dinner + observation deck entry: 73€/person · Grilled tiger prawns, cauliflower couscous, liquid parmesan, mizuno salad, argan oil · Strong fish broth, Japanese dumplings (Gyoza), sesame seeds · Confit mangalitza cheeks, carrot-ginger puree, grilled leek, tapioca cracker · Smooth chocolate tart with white rum, raspberry gel, vanilla ice cream

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    Displayed prices are calculated per person for a group of 12 people. Prices may vary depending on group size.

    • Observation deck entry
    • 3-course lunch: 41€
    • 3-course dinner: 69€
    • 4-course dinner: 73€
    Crime dinner
    • 3-course dinner
    • Investigation game during lunch/dinner
    • Traditional menu in the city center of Bratislava

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our teambuilding evening... The game was fun and very well prepared, we enjoyed the food as well. Would definitely recommend this as a fun group activity where you can enjoy taking on a role of another character"

    Jana, TripAdvisor, December 2018

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