Avoid CATS (Luxory) stripclub

Bratislava is full of cheap, good bars and clubs. This is what we love about the city and why thousands of stag parties are organized every year. As a local agency, we want our customer to have the time of their life and spread the love.

Unfortunately, two stripclubs (same owner) are giving Bratislava a bad name: Cats (renamed Luxory club) and Gentleman’s Pressburg (renamed Hypnotic). They like to change their names as a chameleon – isn’t that a sign? They are both located on Michalska street, the city center of Bratislava.

Loads of their clients say they were drugged, robbed and beaten there. They don’t remember the evening at all (alcohol does that also but you would remember a payment of 83K€). Even though Slovak police does not have incriminating proof, it is highly probable that they use GHB-like drugs to take their clients money.

For you own sake, we strongly recommend not to visit those places. Check out our recommended stripclub list instead.

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