Where to park for free in Bratislava (2023/2024)?

With the new Bratislava parking policy voted in 2023, coming with a car to Bratislava has become quite expensive. All the streets around the city center are paid everyday from 8am to midnight. Weekends included! This means that even our bachelor parties (which generally come during the weekend) have to find a better parking solution.

Here are our free parking tips in Bratislava if you plan to visit Bratislava for a few days:

  • The safest free parking in Bratislava is probably the P6 Parking near the shopping mall Aupark. It is not monitored but this very frequented location makes it your safest bet. It is easily accessible by foot or by public transport to the city center, which is on the other side of the SNP bridge.
  • The other famous public free parking is under the bridge Lafranconi. It is also the official free parking for tourist buses. The location can seem a bit dodgy as it is located under a huge bridge but we haven’t heard of petty crime. The walk to the city center near the Danube promenade is beautiful but quite long (40 minutes) or you can take the Tram 4 or 9 which will take you to the pedestrian center in few minutes.
  • If you prefer parking near the city center in a residential area, there are still 2 zones which are still free. Please keep in mind that these areas are used by residents so this is probably an option only if you are trying to 1 or 2 cars.

Please note that all these free parking places are outside so don’t leave any valuables in the car.

See you soon!

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