The “hipster” capital

In the last 5 years, Bratislava has evolved to become one of the most hipster towns in Europe.

This unfortunately means that most of the cafes and bars look similar with giant lamp bulbs and bikes hanging from the newspaper filled ceilings. The upside is the quality improvement of food and services (which were catastrophic years ago due to communism). The number of coffee shops in Bratislava has exploded lately – most of them with a professional expertise and state of the art technology. Some coffee places like caffe4you (bad name, great coffee) roast their beans enhancing the smell of the whole neighborhood.
Even though beer is still the number #1 drink in Slovakia, top notch cocktails are taking their place in hidden bars where locals share tables with tourists. 
Alternative clubs are not left out with the multipurpose KC Dunaj located in the place of an old cultural center. The bar has a great view upon the city of Bratislava, is relatively cheap and has an eclectic programme from Balkan nights to surf movie screenings with lots of live concerts. It is an interesting place where you’ll definitely meet more locals than tourists. Beware of the waiting queue after midnight.

Coffee shops: Urban house (Laurinska 14), Caffe4you (Obchodna 42)

Hidden cocktail bars: Old fashioned bar (Laurinska 14), Michalska cocktail room (Michalska 5)

Club: KC Dunaj Club (Nedbalova 3)

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