Guide story #4: Claudia

Hey guys, cheers for checking out this website ?
I am currently 22 years old and have been a tour guide for 3 years already; I’ve had the pleasure of hosting lovely tourists from many parts of the globe and plenty of fantastic experiences throughout this journey and let me tell you I LOVE my job.

Meeting new tourists from many parts of the world is exciting! Everyone has a story to tell ? I, personally also love travelling and love to share my stories with like minded and open individuals.

There are plenty of exciting activities you can get into – please do check the range of activities on offer. Personally, I love water related activities so for me #1 is Rafting – you get three rides down the wild stream, if you’re a strong swimmer you can immerse yourself in the fresh stream. #2 is “little Danube Decent” – this one is special to me because the event made me smile for days.
If you prefer being on land then definitely try the 4×4 off road driving that takes you smoothly through the calm wilderness. For the adrenaline chasers, Airsoft should be your choice.

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