Guide story #1: Lubka

My name is Ľubka, I’m 20 and I study Chinese at the university in Bratislava. I started working as a guide because I wanted to improve my language skills and experience something new. I truly enjoy my job since I get to meet lots of new interesting people all while having fun.

Thanks to guiding I also got to try a variety of new activities. Some of my most memorable ones were swing jumping from a bridge or rafting. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys adrenaline challenges. Some of the rather entertaining experiences include surprising a stag with stripper during stag arrest, which is an awesome combination of prank and hot strip show.

One of my most amusing experiences comes from the activity called mud wrestling. After the actual fight, which took place on the lower deck of a boat, the stag took a shower while the rest of us awaited him upstairs by the bar and restaurant. But when the bachelor came back to the board he was totally naked! Needless to say it took us a while to convince him to put on some clothes. It was an unforgettable experience not only for me, all guys from the bachelor party but for the bar employees as well.

From my point of view the best bachelor party activities are the unexpected ones that pull you and your stag out of your comfort zone. In case you and your companions enjoy sports then white water rafting, bubble football or hockey are the best choices for you. If you like guns and shooting, try the Kalashnikov with sniper, clay pigeon or airsoft. Or if you simply aim to enjoy and explore the nightlife and cool parties, let us make sure you experience an unforgettable pub crawl.

There are many activities you can do here to Enjoy Bratislava.

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