Guide story #3: Veronika

My name is Veronika, I’m 23 years old and currently about to accomplish my last year of university in Bratislava. As a student of English language and literature I have always been keen on keeping in touch with people from all around the world. What makes me fascinated is how the cultures of different nations vary from country to country.

One day I saw an advertisement seeking for new guides on the Internet. It took me approximately 4 seconds (?) to make a decision and catch the opportunity.
I adore being a guide so much. From my point of view it frankly is the best part time job I have ever tried and had. Getting to meet new people from all over the globe every weekend and even becoming friends with some of them is what uplifts my personality.
I also enjoy its diversity. Plenty of activities to chose from is what make this job special and enthusiasting.

When it comes to my favorite activities, I would definitely recommend mud wrestling. A stag is always surprised by what is going on and the faces of his friends are worth watching. I bet you have never experienced anything close to this activity.
Another activity which I think is enjoyable is the shooting range. Who does not like to try pulling the trigger like they see in action movies? Even girls do. ?
Next recommended ones would be archery tag/paintball/airsoft because a particular group needs to separate into two teams and cooperate as well as support each other within the team. It often reveals amazing skills the group has.
And to end with a striptease which is always a good idea – leaving the stag and all of his friends speechless.

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