With or without stripper ?

This is a question that often comes to mind when organizing a stag party. For a smooth weekend, we recommend to take into account the position of the bachelor and his future wife. But don’t ruin the surprise by asking them directly – you can be subtle.

If there is a no-go, we can organize a transvestite strip-tease by a man disguised as a women. It is the ultimate prank if the bachelor does not want a stripper. The bikini mud wrestling is an activity that may sound sexy but is in reality very funny for the lads and shocking for the bachelor – he won’t even have the time to look at the girls 😀

If the bride is not excited by strippers, we can order them to keep their underwear. Note that our standard strips are fully naked !

If your bachelor is extra excited, you will make him very happy with a Tantra Massage, which is a sensual relaxation service 🙂

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