Danube illegal crossing

The Danube river has been the natural border between Slovakia and Austria for centuries (and their former territories). During the cold war after the end of WWII, it became a way to cross the border between the 2 blocs. Hundreds of fugitives trying to rejoin their loved ones or find a brighter futur have been killed on or near the Danube. This was infamously known as the Iron wall. 
Few decades later, in 2020, borders have been reinstated with the help of the army. The reason is totally different this time: the epidemic of Coronavirus. Slovakia decided to condition entry to its territory with full vaccination.Once again the Danube river plays the role of a gate but with much more class: by canoes, rafts or stand up paddle and without the shooting 🙂

Enjoy-Bratislava plays the role of the pašerák which is the slovak name of smuggler. Experience border crossing on water and enjoy the beautiful views of the Danube national park. The activity starts in Bratislava or in Vienna for the legitimate border crossing. 

Disclaimer: no illegal border crossings have been organized. Clients have to respect the rules of the ministry of Health. 

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